Madrid to make tourists pay a fee

Flickr by HausOf_Diegoo

AHORA MADRID, an independent party in control of the Madrid Council, announced the city’s government is considering launching a tourist fee to be paid by visitors to the Spanish capital.
The charge is inspired by similar ones already set in motion in cities such as Barcelona, where it is included in the price of hotel overnight stays.
Ahora Madrid Councillor Carlos Sanchez Mato explained that, even though the project is still being analysed, it has been estimated that it could generate between 30 – 40 millions of euros.
“The small fee would be used to combat damages across the city produced by tourism-related activities,” said Mr Sanchez, who explained that this fee is not a priority for the City Council.
In addition, Ahora Madrid is considering another project that will force banks to pay a public street use fee for their ATM, similar to those paid by bar with terraces.


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