Jumping on and off Rincon public transport

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PASSENGERS on public transport in Rincon de la Victoria may soon be able to jump on and off the buses with a discount card. Making improvements to public transport was part of the electoral commitments proposed back in May.
The Transport Department of the Council has now requested that the Malaga Metropolitan Transport Consortium (CTMAM) includes the public transport of the town, Rinconbus in the provincial network, an initiative which would provide several advantages to users.
The main goal of this measure is to improve local transport with the use of a bus card, which allows users to obtain discounts on rides taken aboard public transport included in the Consortium.
With the new card, residents and visitors will be able to transfer from one public transport to another without having to pay a whole new ticket, including the Malaga city underground and train services.
The Consortium is currently performing a feasibility study to assess whether the project is viable or not.


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