El Ejido police take softly, softly approach on beach patrols

DOGS: Not wanted on El Ejido beaches.

EL EJIDO beaches, promenades and leisure areas have day and night police patrols this summer.
Local Police officers began their rounds of the town’s 27 kilometres of beaches on foot, bicycle and quads towards the end of June and will continue throughout the high season.
The night patrols concentrate on areas most-frequented by tourists and residents, particularly bars, restaurants and leisure areas on or adjoining seafront promenades and squares.
“The patrols have been well-received by the public in Almerimar and Balerma, the principal beneficiaries of the service,” said Marcos Muñoz, director of Public Safety at El Ejido town hall.
He explained that the day and night-time patrols are also there to remind the public that pets are barred from the beaches, together with barbecues, fixed structures that are a nuisance to others and fishing while people are swimming.
The outdoor drinking sessions by large groups of teenagers and young adults, which are a principal cause of complaints to the police, are also vetoed. “The aim is to balance entertainment with relaxation so the young are reminded that the ‘botellon’ is banned,” Muñoz said.
The patrols are also clamping down on unauthorised street vending, which has a negative impact on local shops, and ensuring that cars do not park on the promenades or beaches.


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