Stricter measures against drinking and flying


AIRLINES and the police are asking for people to know their limits and cut down on drinking before boarding flights following a number of recent incidents.

The latest involved a British holidaymaker who was banned from a Virgen Airline flight and escorted from Manchester Airport after being deemed too drunk to fly.

Another recent case saw Jet2 ban a passenger for life and send him an almost £5,000 (€6,950) bill after a flight from Leeds Bradford to Alicante had to make an unscheduled landing in Toulouse due to the passenger’s behavior and refusal to stop drinking.


  1. Having just had to suffer a flight with one of these ‘too drunk to behave’ passengers I totally agree they should be banned – and from all air travel not just the airline they were flying with – why should the rest of us suffer their foul language and their idiotic and dangerous behaviour.

    And I just love the idea of sending them the bill for the cost of the emergency landing, well done Jet2.


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