Collyfer for funeral services and insurance


COLLYFER are experts at dealing with losing your loved ones while living in Spain, and to help with questions regarding the unexpected Karen and John have answered some of the most asked below.

Who are Collyfer?
We are a family business with 70 years experience, dedicated in the Funeral and Insurance Sector.

What does Collyfer do?
Collyfer offers the residents of Spain the opportunity to avoid a lot of the stress of organising a funeral.
With a simple call we can organise everything including the service, flowers and legal assistance.
We have a native English team for guidance in these difficult moments. Right now we have Karen Cecere and John Harris who have several years of experience.
Collyfer previously also had Beckie who no longer works with the company.
We also have agreements with all the companies for funeral plans and repatriations.

What Insurance does Collyfer Offer?
Collyfer also offers House Insurance, Commercial Insurance, Vehicle Insurance and much more.

What should a client of Collyfer do in the event of a death?
Once the death occurs you only have to make a phone call to the numbers that answer in English 24 hours: 617 456 335 Karen or 617 456 259 John, and we will take over from there. Someone will come to see you to organise special requests for the funeral.
IMPORTANT. When there is a death and clients are insured through Collyfer, always alert Collyfer, do not contract another company without authorisation from Collyfer.

What area does Collyfer cover?
Collyfer provides services in all provinces of Almeria, Murcia and parts of Granada.
We have five funeral homes located in Huercal Overa, Arboleas, Cantoria, Garrucha and Pulpi, which are our property. In addition to these, we have permission to use the funeral homes in Bedar, Lubrin, Uleila del Campo, Albanchez, Seron and Sorbas.

Do you have any future Projects?
We have just employed a Professional Embalmer, native English and will be offering this as a service.  We are at present looking to open an additional Funeral Home in the area.  We are also looking into a limousine service for the families of the deceased


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