Angry tourists complain government has given in to terrorists

flickr by Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond defended the decision

BRITISH tourists returning to the UK after being evacuated from Tunisia are expressing their anger at the measure, accusing the British government of giving in to terrorists.

On Thursday, July 9, the Foreign Office suggested that all Britons in the country (believed to have been about 3,000), where 38 tourists were shot in a tourist area recently, left immediately reporting that another attack by ISIS was ‘highly likely’.

Yet as they began to arrive back on British soil many stated that they felt the government had overreacted, leading Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond to speak out and say his decision had been well thought-out and certainly not a knee-jerk reaction.


Apart from the fact their holidays had been cut short, and they are unlikely to get money back, tourists spoke of the crippling effect the measure is having on the area, which gets a lot of its income from tourism. In fact hotel workers have been told they will be out of jobs as establishments prepare to close, passengers arriving in the UK reported.

Meanwhile Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid spoke of his anger at the British government’s reaction and intended to speak to David Cameron.

“I will ring the British PM to tell him we have done all we can to protect British interests and those of other countries, it’s our duty,” he said.

Nabil Ammar, Tunisian ambassador to London, also said Britain had given in and done exactly what jihadists wanted.

“By damaging tourism and making foreigners leave they have damaged the whole sector and put people out of work and on the streets,” he stated.

Tour operator Thomas Cook has cancelled all bookings to the country until October 31.


  1. Had the government failed to advise tourists leave Tunisia and another attack had taken place, then they would be criticised for ignoring the threat.Dammed it they do and dammed it they dont

  2. One has to agree with the complaints. The British government has given the terrorists exactly what they wanted, and have not only starved Tunisia of tourism finance and put many out of work, but they have also caused friction between themselves and the Tunisian government. Typical knee-jerk reaction. The Brits are very resourceful when it comes to this sort of thing and are able to make up their own minds. Not only that, but a terrorist act can happen anywhere, where you are, at any time, even in Britain itself, so what is the point? I only hope that other countries do not follow suit and show more guts than the British government.

  3. I agree totally and absolutely with all that the Tunisian Government and diplomatic representatives have said. Sack miserable, lily-livered Hammond. Cameron, by not reining Hammond in, has proved himself utterly worthless as a true national leader.
    I so much, so much wish I had the money to go to Tunisia on a prolonged holiday. I would go there in a flash and be truly proud to be seen to be supporting all the ordinary Tunisian guys and Tunisian women for whom tourism is their livelihood and decency their belief.

  4. Why don’t the British care about stopping their global war against the poor that caused this war in the first place?
    Europeans want the world for their toy as usual, they should go home and stop abusing other countries


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