Almeria rehab residence to open in Vicar


MORE help is underway for people with addictions in Vicar as plans for a new rehab residence are unveiled.
The organisation, Noesso, which is an acronym for No Estas Solo (You are not alone) is a European association which helps people with addictions to overcome their issues and get their lives back on track.
Noesso´s president, Maria Luisa Martin together with Bank La Caixa in Almeria, have signed an agreement which will provide €23,620 to create a new residence to give shelter to those in need in Vicar, enabling them to make a new start in society.
These funds will cover almost the entire cost of the project, which has been estimated at around €35,000.
“There are ex-inmates or people of our community who, when they finish their treatment, have nowhere to go: we needed a place like this to guide them and give them company,” said Ms Martin.
Half a dozen people will be able to benefit from this project, which will bring together patients with similar backgrounds to promote social integration. A team made up by social workers, educators and psychologists will assist them at their new home.
Currently, the Noesso association is helping more than 20 people suffering from all kinds of addictions, be it drugs or others not related to substance abuse.


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