Third Almeria beach re-opens after algae scare


THE beach in Villaricos was the last of the three beaches to reopen this week after been shut for two weeks on June 23 due to a toxic algae scare. The beaches closed after around 90 people had become ill. However, not all of these individuals had actually bathed in the sea, fuelling speculation about the source of the outbreak.
The Junta re-opened the beach in Vera on June 29 and the second beach in Quitapellejos, also in Villaricos, opened last week. After the Health Department had carried out tests on the water on July 7, the third beach was also reopened and the department stated that they had decided to end the ban “due to the absence of any new reported cases and the results of the latest tests.”
Some locals are sceptical about the health department’s verdict and Veraplayazul Residents Association has criticised the Junta´s refusal to hand over the results of the water tests.


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