Spanish chef backs out of Trump restaurant

DC Central Kitchen - Flickr

DONALD TRUMP’s recent comments slating immigrants has cost him business, with top Spanish chef Jose Andres turning down the chance to open a restaurant in an exclusive Trump hotel in Washington DC in the US.

Asturian Andres, who trained at the former best restaurant in the world, El Bulli in Catalonia, became a US citizen in 2013 and takes issue with the business magnate’s anti-immigrant stance: “The recent derogatory comments made by Donald Trump about immigrants have made it impossible for my business and me to continue with the opening of a Spanish restaurant in the Trump International Hotel in Washington.”

The chef also points out that Trump’s controversial opinions could be bad for business. “More than half my team is Hispanic, as well as many of our clients,” he told El Pais. He also mentions that, “as a proud Spanish immigrant, who recently obtained citizenship, I firmly believe that everyone deserves respect, regardless of immigration status.”

The controversial comments by the business leader, who is running as a candidate in the US presidential elections, accused Mexican immigrants of being criminals and rapists who brought drugs into the country.

While Trump is threatening to sue the chef for breach of contract, TV channels Univision and NBC have also backed out of deals, refusing to broadcast the Miss USA and Miss Universe beauty pageants, which he co-owns.


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