New Opel Adam Rocks S is both rugged and racy


IT may be pocket size but the new Opel Adam Rocks S is more rugged than dainty.
Despite measuring a slim 3.75 metres long, its racing power is not to be sniffed at, with a powerful 1.4-litre turbo engine with 110kW/150 hp. Adventurous and smart with its IntelliLink infotainment technology with personal connectivity and service assistant Opel OnStar, it also features an extensive choice of trim typical of the ADAM series.
On release at an attractive 19,990 euros, it will appeal to sporty, adventurous types as it combines the ADAM’s rugged features, optional Swing top roof as well as the under-ride protection and off-road features, with the Adam Rock S roof spoiler, performance steering and impressive horsepower in one package.


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