Neater Heater makes winter bearable

NEATER HEATERS: There is a model to suit everyone.

FOR most expats, staying warm in winter presents a challenging problem. After all, it is only for a few months, so a complete central heating system seems a bit excessive. Gas estufas are effective, but unhealthy, ugly, and cumbersome.
Log burners and pellet burners are great for the general living area, but you wouldn’t want one in every room, even if you could afford it, or had the space. Generally, what’s left is electric heaters, and there is a bewildering choice of those around, ranging from cheap ugly ones that cost a fortune to run, all the way to space-age designs that profess to be economical, but cost the price of a second-hand car.
Tony and Richard of Neater Heater understand this. Facing this problem several years ago, they discovered that those clever Norwegians held the key by keeping the basic design of their convector heaters simple, but effective, while using modern technology and materials to make them efficient and economical to run.
The difference between a Neater Heater compared to most electric heaters is that most electric heaters use their energy in getting the heater hot, whereas the Neater Heater focuses on getting the air in your room warm. As Tony explains, “A lot of electric heaters have relatively small surface areas. The element has to get incredibly hot to heat the casing of the heater, which then warms the air it contacts – which isn’t much as it has a small surface contact area. The Neater Heater, on the other hand, has an aluminium element (a very efficient conductor of heat) designed to have a huge surface area. When you turn the Neater Heater on, the air inside the hollow heater is warmed up very quickly as the element gets hot. This air then rises out of the top of the heater and cold air is drawn in to replace it. This air is then heated and a convection cycle is started. Within 15-20 minutes your room should be warm, and the thermostat will start controlling the operation of the heater, reducing your consumption.
“All this information, and more, is on our website,” Richard informs us, “You can find out the size of heater you need, decide from the numerous models which one would suit your budget and decor best, and decide whether to buy directly from our online shop, or whether to visit one of our agents.”
Neater Heaters are not only efficient, effective, and economical, but as you would expect from a Scandinavian product, they are extremely stylish and practical. There is also a model that will suit anyone, whether it is the standard Adax Heater, the stylish Beha Heater, or the trendy Neo with digital controls, Neater Heaters are a great solution to making Spanish winters bearable.


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