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SHALOM: Will Arabs and Jews ever stand together as allies?

Enough already! I am now about to break the habit of a lifetime and attempt to explain my motives for an article I penned a couple of weeks ago.
In it I stated that the Jews and Arabs were the biggest investors in the world money markets. At no time did I suggest that there was anything wrong with this situation, quite the contrary. As a capitalist, I actually consider it quite commendable that the Jewish bankers in particular, without the natural resources of the Arabs, have attained such success, particularly in the light of the horrors and misfortunes they have had to endure throughout their turbulent    history.
However, one doesn’t have to surf too deeply into the realms of the internet to discover my remarks were merely a statement of the facts as I perceived them. Most of the world banks and money markets are in fact run by the Jewish and Arab races. The Rothschilds alone own or control scores of banks, estimated to be worth some one hundred trillion dollars.
It would be utterly naïve to underestimate the sheer power that wealth of this magnitude can bring to a relative minority of people. On re-reading my piece I can see that when I remarked that the wealthy controlled the world, it could have been somewhat unfortunately misconstrued that I was specifically accusing the Jews and Arabs of some kind of international conspiracy.
This was not my intention at all. If I have upset some readers I truly do apologise unreservedly. I am most certainly not anti-Semitic and I’m sure my Jewish grandmother would be horrified to even have it considered. I will however defend my statement that the Jews and Arabs are still arch-enemies or did I miss something here?
Have Hamas stopped lobbing missiles over Israel’s borders? Does Iran no longer want to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth? Can Israeli passport-holders now travel freely into Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries? Sadly, this conflict is still as unresolved as ever.
Will we live to see the Arabs and Jews standing together as friends and allies? Wouldn’t that be something? Shalom.

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  1. Whatever your stance, your questions are one- sided! Over 2,000 PalestiniAn children were killed, as a result of the carpet bombing by the Israelis of Gaza, recently – their lives cannot be brought back! The UN considered this Israeli action to be wholly disproportionate, in relation to the threat faced by Israeli citizens from Gaza!
    The vast majority of the destroyed Palestinian homes are still mounds of rubbleon the ground – because Israel is holding up the deliveries of building materials, which it can do because it controls the borders to what is, in fact, a vast internment camp called Gaza!
    If it weren’t for the fact that Jewish voters are critical to the US election results, the Palestinian people might have a chance of justice – in their own land! Every proposal, at UN level, in favour of them is vetoed by the Americans – shame on them for enabling Israelis to hold Palestinians as virtual prisoners in their own territory!

  2. The Israelis have taken land off the Palestinian people and they then call the Palestinians terrorists because they react to that… I am sure if they gave the land back that they have taken on the west bank things would be a lot more tranquil. No one can say the Palestinians are at fault when Israel just claims their and moves their people into it, the problem with the Israel Palestinian issue is the Israelis and in my mind it is them that are the terrorists but as Leapy says, the dews have a massive amount of control over politicians and countries and so can get away with fairly much anything they want to do… as we have seen.


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