Tourists gatecrash the Ifach

GUIDE ROPES: Have now been removed.

A NUMBER of tourists are ignoring the ‘no access’ order put in place at Calpe’s popular Ifach by the Department of the Environment two weeks ago, by jumping the gate and slipping beneath the tapes placed over the entrance.
The order was placed due to security concerns and also safety issues. The stones underfoot have become polished and slippery with constant wear. Inside, the ministry has removed support ropes and also signage, making it easy to get lost.
The summer closure of the Ifach, probably the region’s most visited beauty spot, is most unfortunate. The new government team claims the closure is necessary following 20 years of neglect of the Ifach.
The proposed urgent maintenance measures have not yet been implemented and in the meantime hikers and tourists, determined to get a glimpse of the famous view from the Ifach, continue to take foolhardy risks.


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