Much needed makeover underway in Los Boliches


ROADWORKS underway on Calle Santa Rosa in Los Boliches are progressing well, the council has reported.
Work started on June 22 on the busy street, which hadn’t been given a makeover for decades, meaning the surface in particular was in very bad condition.
The project, with a €567,000 budget and estimated time of 69 days, includes new pipes and drainage systems, surfacing and pavements and urban fittings to match the rest of the town and will cover an area of almost 6,000 square metres between Calle Santa Lucia and Avenida de Las Salinas.
Better access will be provided with 20 ramps onto the pavement from the street and all new pavements being at least 1.5 metres wide, and the council is looking to save by installing LED street lights.


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