Lotto surprises


THE National Lottery with a total prize haul of €140 million was drawn in Benidorm on Poniente Beach on Saturday July 4 by fiesta queens and their attendants, dressed in traditional costumes.
The holiday lottery draw took place at 1pm and lasted for about half-an-hour, broadcast live by RTVE. The strange sequence of number drew gasps from the crowd; the first set of numbers were two and seven, followed by the second set, also two and seven! The third prize of €200,000 was won on all fours and sevens – the numbers 44747. Second prize winning €1 million was eights and zeros – 08081, with winners in the neighbouring town of Villajoyosa which prompted a round of applause. And first prize with a hefty €2 million was won with nines and zeros – 90190.
Benidorm was chosen for the draw marking the 275th anniversary of the discovery of the Virgin of the Suffrage, the city’s patron saint.


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