I will survive

Cordon Press/ REUTERS/Jon Nazca

STRUGGLES for equality are starting to pay off for Costa women as for once unemployment reports have revealed virtually half of those who have found work in the province are female.
As unemployment levels fell in Malaga Province for the fifth month in a row, 1,912 women and 1,923 men left the jobless lists in June, bringing the total number of unemployed people down to 181,394.
Although the struggle has been a long one and May Day protests featuring women singing I Will Survive on Malaga City’s Plaza de la Constitucion (pictured) on May 1 last year seem almost a lifetime ago, their perseverance appears to be finally paying off if the reports are anything to go by.
Yet the fight must go on as there is still a notable difference in sexes in the total figures, with 98,181 women remaining jobless compared to 83,213 men.


  1. Of course these figures conveniently ignore the fact that a lot of men and women were unemployed and 64 years of age. They have now officially retired and have been removed from the unemployment register. This does not bring down the number of unemployed, it just manipulates the figures.

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  2. We hear the same old song every year, in May and June the jobless total falls.
    Of course it does because summer is starting and there are more jobs in the tourist trade. Yet when September/October comes around the figures go back up again as the summer workers are laid off.
    Same old song every year with no real changes in the unempolyment figures.


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