Happy days: eight in 10 Spaniards are smiling


SPAIN is officially a nation of cheerful people, with 84 per cent of Spaniards declaring themselves happy. The Centre for Sociology Studies (CIS) has published the June results of their regular survey asking people how satisfied they are with their lives, which found that just over half the interviewees were not just happy, but almost absolutely content.

From a score of zero for total misery to 10 for absolute joy, most people selected a pretty pleased eight. The survey also suggests that they are getting happier, with a similar poll in January finding people slightly less likely to rate themselves as that happy.

However, Spanish optimism is limited to personal satisfaction, most people seeing the outlook for their country as bleak. Nearly three quarters view the economic and political situation as ‘bad’ or ‘very bad,’ and just under 40 per cent do not believe it will be any better this this time next year. Most cite unemployment as the main issue, with corruption and politicians themselves closely behind.

Perhaps going for a walk is helping keep up levels of good cheer – that’s the top-rated leisure activity of those polled. A certainly close family ties play a role in Spanish people’s contentedness, with most spending days off and holidays with their nearest and dearest.


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