Former prime minister Zapatero receives award for work on Mortil Port

Universidad Pablo de Olavide on Flickr

THE Hotel Robinson Club in Motril saw a magnificent gala on Friday (July 3) in celebration of the Port Authority Awards.
These awards honour the services of businesses, institutions, public and social organisations and people who have worked in favour of Motril Port and its surrounding areas.
This first edition was organised to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Port Authority’s creation, with the delivery of seven awards in seven different categories.
It was the ‘Honour Award’ that drew the highest expectations as it was handed out to former prime minister of Spain, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.
During his term in office, the ex-premier committed to cancelling Motril Port’s dependence on the Almeria government as had traditionally been established. This commitment was made a reality on July of 2005.
“This port is the key point for Motril’s commercial and economic activity, as well as for the rest of the province,” said Mayor Flor Almon. “It does not cease to grow. It generates employment and sparks a common dream to build a future together.”


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