Andalucia with shades of Portugal and a little bit of the UK

SEVILLA: River Guadalquivir.

FIVE DAY TRIP from July 26 to 30

OUR hotel in Benicazon with its fertile gardens, sparkling fountains and horseshoe shaped doors, immediately introduces us to the unique Moorish charm of the Andalucia region.
On day two of our tour a short journey of 20 minutes sees us in the centre of dazzling Sevilla. The old cigarette factory which inspired the opera Carmen is now the city’s university.
A modern tram system vies with traditional horse and carriage taxis to transport us through this funfilled city. The sparkling fountains and leafy shaded paths of the delightful Maria Luisa park gives way to the city centre, where you find the enormous and impressive Sevilla cathedral, resting place of Christopher Columbus.
Within easy walking distance are the charming old houses and cobbled streets of the old district of Santa Maria, the Maenstranza bull ring and museum, the museum of the Indies, and mini cruises on the impressive river Guadalquivir.
The city of Sevilla simply buzzes with the exotic charm and character of ancient Moorish Spain.
The next day we leave the hotel for another country. This time the destination is the capital city of the famous Algarve area, Faro. A journey along the pine forested Algarve coast brings us to Faro. This attractive city has like many parts of Spain, been successively ruled by the Romans, Visigoths and Moors and did for a short time fall under the Spanish crown. The historical part of the city, known as Cidade de Vehla, is entered by an archway not far from the seafront.
Then on to Gibraltar and the Rock, a British prize of the Peninsular war has been in their possession since 1713 as part of the treaty of Utrecht which gave the Rock to Britain “for all time.” Since then this powerful symbol of British prestige in the area has served as a very successful fortification, particularly during World War II. The famous Gibraltar monkeys patrol mainly the upper reaches of the Rock.
David’s Coachtrips offer all these destinations on a five-day trip using a 4* hotel with half board including wine and water for only 265€. Next date is July 26 to 30.

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