Marina Alta mums tune up at Denia Hospital pre-natal singing classes


THE Department of Health has introduced a programme of training for pre-natal singing in the Marina Alta area.
Classes are being held every Tuesday evening at Dénia Hospital’s Integrated Health Centre II, under the supervision of midwife Maria Teresa Giminez and musician Hayfield Delgado pf the Manuel Lattur School.
The concept of singing in the weeks leading up to childbirth is that the muscle training required for song also comes in useful during childbirth with improvements also made in posture and breathing. The skills learned in the process of strengthening vocals in turn make childbirth less painful and apparently mums’ tuneful practice sessions are also enjoyable for baby.
It is reported that since this technique has been implemented in the CSI Dénia II, 80 per cent of babies’ heads were turned into the correct position prior to delivery, avoiding the necessity for Caesarean intervention.
It is expected that pre-natal singing will be made available to expectant mothers throughout the rest of the region.


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