Madrid’s Thatcher tribute is scrubbed by new mayor

UK in Spain on Flickr

LESS than a year after its grand opening, Madrid´s mayor Manuela Carmena has decided to rename the city square dedicated to former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. After complaints by left-wing protest party Podemos, a coalition partner on the city council, Carmena has proposed changing the name.
The protest party has complained that Thatcher’s tribute should not be given a public space, arguing that the British conservative politician’s actions against trade unions was akin to “enslaving” such groups.
They emphasise that former mayor Ana Botella, who inaugurated the plaque, “was not elected by anyone” and therefore not representative of the general public. Botella, who viewed Thatcher as a “pioneer” and “inspiration” came to power due to Mayor Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon’s resignation in order to take up office as justice minister.
Since Thatcher’s tribute was unveiled, the plaque has been subject to continuous vandalism, with stickers referring to the Hillsborough disaster appearing and later, ones protesting youth unemployment in Spain.


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