British tourists warned of high risk of terrorist attacks in Spain


THE UK´s Foreign Office has listed Spain on its travel recommendations website as a country with a high risk of indiscriminate terrorist attacks in areas frequented by British and other foreign citizens.
Since the recent attacks in France, Kuwait and Tunisia, Spain has been elevated to a level four risk of terrorist attack (on a scale of up to five). The Foreign Office emphasises that Spanish authorities take measures to protect tourists but urges British visitors to remain vigilant and heed any instructions given by local authorities.
Foreign Office statistics estimate that more than 12 million British citizens visit Spain each year. In addition, as many as 950,000 Brits reside in Spain, mainly in Andalucia and Valencia.
The UK office also points out that there is a general heightened risk against UK citizens and interests across the globe, due to the current conflicts in Iraq and Syria. It also mentions that this year Spanish police have arrested several groups who have recruited individuals in Spain with the intent of carrying out attacks in Spain. The Spanish authorities believe that a number of Spanish nationals have travelled to Iraq and Syria to take part in the conflict.



  1. …LOL, and publishing this information all over spain in the newspapers makes it more likely to happen, why?

    Well if you put the idea in somebody’s mind, they are more likely to consider it, whereas previously they may not have even considered Spain…!


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