2,500-year-old remains found in Santa Margalida

Flickr by GanMed64

NEW archaeological discoveries have been made at Santa Margalida’s Son Real necropolis. Human remains of two people who are believed to have lived 2,500 years ago have been found in a dig that started on Tuesday June 30.
One of the anthropologists who works at the site, Francisca Cardona, explained that after investigating one of the bodies, she could confirm that it was a male human with an age ranging between 20 and 40 years old. Through the study, experts were able to discover that it was a very robust man who would have carried out significant physical work.
“He is buried in a very awkward position, possibly because he was buried in a tight shroud made of some sort of organic material, as there are no remains of it,” Ms Cardona said.
It is expected that the dig will finish by July 17.


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