Sant Elm jellyfish plague causes protests

Cristian Bortes on Flickr

REPRESENTATIVES of several associations in Sant Elm are up in arms over the invasion of jellyfish along the area’s coast.
“The presence of these creatures has increased by around 100 per cent,” said one of the representatives.
Hotels, restaurants, businesses, tourists and local groups said they had already visited the town council to inform them about the issue and present collected signatures, but they claimed their pleas for action had gone unheard. They are now threatening to carry out protests if they do not receive a solution.
Residents of Sant Elm said they were aware they live in a privileged part of the island, but said they still felt neglected by the local government.
“Our main financial source is tourism and we are asking the council to find a solution for this excessive amount of jellyfish,” said business owner and resident Antonia Simo. “Several tourists have been stung by them, and we are only trying to protect our main source of income: jellyfish are like a plague.”


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