Judge in ‘Pokemon’ corruption case orders raid on government office


POLICE in the on-going ‘Pokemon’ case against political corruption searched the Lugo government office (Galicia) on Thursday July 2.
Agents were accompanied by the Court Secretary from Court No. 1 in Lugo’s Magistrates Court on instructions from the Magistrate, Pilar de Lara, who is currently leading the Pokemon investigation, as well as other known cases such as the money laundering Condor case and the Carioca case into prostitution.
Delegates and staff responsible for the office have been instructed to hand over all accounting records going back as far as 2003, and staff have been warned that if they do not hand over all the requested documents, agents will have no choice but to begin an exhaustive search of all files and computers in order to gather all the information they are looking for. The office, which until last week was governed by the PSOE, is now governed by PP.


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