Benidorm gets a thorough summer clean-up

Flickr: Matias S Zavia
BENIDORM: To have a big clean-up ready for summer.

BENIDORM is to be spruced up ready for the summer visitors.
Councillor for Cleanliness for Benidorm, José Ramón González de Zárate, announced that the city is going to be subjected to a large-scale clean-up.
Particular attention is to be paid to removing litter with increased attention to popular tourist zones and the parks and gardens concessionaire La Generala is to tackle unsightly weeds.
The councillor reminds citizens that they can have large items removed by the council by calling 965 855 116. “The service is free,” he said. “Pick up the phone and let us know that items need to be collected.”
On a darker note, he commented: “Now that residents know they can have their large items disposed of free of charge there is no excuse – and we will punish those who violate the city ordinances.”


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