Vultures attract shutterbug tourists to Ronda


PHOTOGRAPHY enthusiasts with a soft spot for bird watching are in for a special treat in the Serranía de Ronda, where conservationists have come up with a creative solution to the vultures’ scanty food supplies.
This winged scavenger was finding slim pickings in the hot summer months, but thanks to conservationist efforts, it now enjoys both hearty meals and some wildlife paparazzi love. The Hide of the Serranía de Ronda gives wildlife photographers a front row seat to the banquet, offering a stealthy spot from which to document the birds without disturbing them.
The whole operation entailed constructing a fenced-in environment with water deposits and food troughs containing leftover food. Perches were also installed, encouraging the vultures to stick around and pose for the cameras, hidden behind the mirrored window of the photographer’s hide. The hide window is equipped with ports for the camera lenses, allowing photographers to take direct shots of the birds from mere centimetres away.
The hide will accommodate up to three photographers at a time. Prices are €70 for one person, €100 for two and €120 for three. If the vultures prove shy the day of the photo shoot, the unlucky photographers are offered a free second attempt, which must be realised within the next year.



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