US Independence Day celebration


Barbeques will be blazing and the red, white and blue will be waved proudly in the small town of Macharaviaya this weekend in celebration of July 4, America’s Independence Day.
But why would a tiny town in Andalucia celebrate an American holiday?
It all traces back to military leader Bernardo de Galvez and his contribution to the US during its Revolutionary War. Galvez, the Macharaviaya-born general who once served as Governor of Louisiana, marched in the first-ever American Independence Day parade, leading the victorious procession alongside founding President George Washington.
According to Spanish journalist Guillermo Fesser: “Washington thought he owed a big portion of his victory to the King of Spain, both for his military and economic support. And he seemed to be particularly moved by the courage and fine military strategy of General Don Galvez.”
Macharaviaya celebrations will kick off on Friday July 3 at 8pm with a parade down Calle Larios, and on Saturday July 4 with a battle re-enactment of the Siege of Pensacola starting at 9.30pm. Other activities include American-style barbeques, traditional Revolutionary-age music, screening of documentary films and fireworks.


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