Horse rescue charity APAC hits the big screen

Image courtesy of Piotr Pietrus
LOIS FORD and friend

A GERMAN film crew has been visiting APAC (Asociación Protectora Amigos del Caballo) to film a trailer for an upcoming documentary about the work they carry out with rescued horses.
Director Alexandra Kaufmann decided that the subject of her next film would be the tragic treatment that many horses have suffered since the crisis. Alexandra said: “When we learned of the outstanding work that APAC carry out, we decided to make them the focus of our next film. We are filming a trailer while we are over here and intend to return in the autumn.”
The film will be called Las Hermanas de Rocinante after Don Quixote’s stallion. The parallel is obvious – Don Quixote crusaded for chivalry and Lois Ford and Jules Winstanley-Jones at APAC are crusading for a better life for horses. Alexandra said: “We have all been inspired by our time with Lois and Jules. They are truly focused and show so much love and understanding toward the horses.”


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