Torre Del Mar Lux Mundi takes a trip to the Rock

Ben30 on Flickr

CHARITY association Lux Mundi in Torre del Mar has organised one its traditional trips to Gibraltar scheduled for Thursday July 16.
For a price of €12, which includes transport and insurance, participants will have the chance to visit the top of the Rock by cable car, the town’s Nature Reserve and other interesting points such as the Gibraltar Museum, Government House and St Michael’s Cave.
By hiring a taxi, the day-trippers can enjoy the chat of the ever-so-knowledgeable drivers, who will explain interesting facts on the Rock. Visitors will also have the chance to purchase duty-free items and typical English products from the Morrisons Supermarket.
The departure point will be at Hotel Romero at 6.45am, Algarrobo (Lidl) at 7.15am, Caleta at 7.20am and Torre del Mar (Bus Station) at 7.30am. Return from Gibraltar will take place at 3pm. Participants are reminded to take their passports.
Tickets can be purchased at the Lux Mundi centre (Avenida Moscatel, 1, 952 543 334), with all proceeds going to fundraising. More information can be requested at


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