The best laid plans…

SECURITY: Items of worth are accepted.

You have planned for every possible situation. You always have. You’ve been known as a planner since you were a kid. Now you’re an adult and you know that no matter how well you plan there is always the chance – the inevitability – of something unforeseen happening. You save, invest and plan but then the refrigerator breaks or the transmission on the car goes. It happens to everyone, the planners and the never planners alike. Luckily, there is Hola Credito and they can help both kinds of people.
  Hola Credito is locally based in Puerto Banus but has the quality reputation and industry-leading experience that has elevated the company to become Spain’s leader in short-term lending. In other words, they are large enough to serve you but small enough to care. They hold an online presence as well as many physical locations to serve as wide a population as possible. They know that hard times can hit anyone at any time and they will be there regardless of the situation.
Securing a loan with Hola Credito couldn’t be simpler. Bring your car, boat, watch, jewels, precious metals or anything else with worth to Hola Credito where a seasoned and experienced member of the team will evaluate your piece. Once value is calculated you will be offered a loan for that amount. You can even have cash in hand or wired to a bank account in as little as 30 minutes! And repayment is easy and stress-free. Since there are no bank hoops to jump through Hola Credito can work with most any budget to come to terms that will serve all involved well. Interest is even calculated by the day so you never pay more than you have to. When has a bank ever done that?
The next time life presents you with something you didn’t plan, make it a plan right now to call Hola Credito. / 900 123 457


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