Rajoy calls for yes vote and ‘new government’ in Greece

European People's Party on Flickr
File photo: Mariano Rajoy speaking to the media.

PRIME MINISTER Mariano Rajoy has stated his support for a new government in Greece, the first European leader to back a regime change in Athens amidst the heat of the crisis.
Spain’s right-wing leader has openly said it would be “a good thing” if the left-wing leader of Syriza in Greece, Alexis Tsipras, resigned.
Tsipras has suggested that he would resign if Greeks vote yes in Sunday’s referendum on the EU’s proposals to address Greece’s debt, as he would not want to stay in power to supervise further austerity measures.
And Rajoy told a radio station on Tuesday afternoon (June 30) that was something he would welcome: “If the referendum takes place and if Tsipras loses the referendum, this would be a good thing for Greece because the Greeks will have said yes, we want to stay in the euro, and we could negotiate with another government.”
Meanwhile, the Spanish political party at the opposite end of the spectrum from Rajoy, Podemos, firmly stated their support for Syriza and the Greek anti-austerity movement.


  1. It always get me when politicians who haven’t got a clue how to sort the issues they have in their own countries cast their opinions over how other countries show proceed, it is bad enough that Obama speaks out about what the UK should do in Europe when he has massive problems in the US that he isn’t or can’t sort out and now Rajoy who has a country that is basically a modern EU disaster that offers very little employment, where all the unemployed ‘qualified’ youth of the country have left or are leaving because they can’t get work. Where those in any level of power think that taxpayers money ‘in Spain and the EU’ is theirs to take, where people are not allowed to demonstrate against austerity, who call themselves democratic when they are not…. could go on and on here…. now this incapable politician thinks he has the right to cast his opinion on Greece and how it should be run, these politicians should be added to the list of political failures that should be posted on boards in the town hall squares of every town… but then of course, politians ‘especially in Spain’ have no shame but at least it would give some people some work.


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