Podemos declare support for Greek referendum call


SPANISH left-wingers Podemos have issued a statement giving their full backing to the Greek government of Syriza, and lambasting the leaders of Europe for demanding further austerity and refusing to negotiate. The Podemos statement says: “The troika insists on being paid, but will only accept payment in money from the poorest Greek families.”

Podemos supports the Greek government’s decision to call a referendum on the debt-relief offer from their creditors, calling it an “exemplary” move in the face of “blackmail” from “unelected powers.”

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They go on to describe the crisis as a clash between opposing forces, “austerity and democracy, the government of the people or the government of financial markets and unelected powers. We are with democracy. We are with the Greek people.”


  1. This is good to see, the Greek government have done something that no other EU government has ever shown and that is that it is democratic. They where voted in on a manifesto that Brussels are forcing them not to keep so the government give the vote to the people on what to do, a refreshing change from governments who make themselves out to be democratic and use excuses for decisions they make or do not when they have promised to.
    I am not a great fan of Podemos as I think there is only one Spanish political party that have the right idea on a direction for solutions to Spains employment problems but well done Podemos.


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