Malaga is a main offender in Andalucia’s poor air quality

Leo Hidalgo on Flickr

MALAGA is one of the main contaminating areas in Andalucia due to traffic, according to environmentalists ‘Ecologistas en Accion.’
A report regarding the quality of the air in Andalucia, there are six polluting areas in the region. They also include the industrial areas of Huelva and the Bay of Algeciras, and the metropolitan areas of Cordoba, Granada and Sevilla.
Tropospheric ozone levels were high throughout the region, with measuring stations registering levels much higher than recommended. In 60 per cent of stations, the levels were higher than recommended on more than 75 days in the year.
PM10 and PM2.5 particle levels were also higher than recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) at almost all the stations.
The results show that the entire population of Andalucia breathes dangerous air and that the whole region is exposed to ozone levels which damage vegetation. In Spain, 27,000 premature deaths occur every year due to illnesses caused by contamination of the air.
This is why the environmentalist group considers that the problem is of major importance.
Steps to solving it include reducing the number of motor vehicles by eliminating the need to use transport, increasing public transport and creating cycling facilities; employing better industrial techniques and reducing electric production especially where coal is used.


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