Breaking Spain’s bin laws could dump you with a hefty fine

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WHERE there’s muck – there’s money – so the saying goes. But in this case, there’s a fine!
And in Spain there is a ‘bin’ time protocol that can cash-in on those who do not abide by the law when discarding their rubbish!
Believe it or not during the summer months in Spain legislation states that you can’t deposit your waste into the rubbish bins until nighttime.
Many municipal street rubbish bins carry ‘timetables’ as to when you can – and cannot – discard your rubbish, which is generally after 9pm.
Crazy? Well, not really, when you take into account the high summer temperatures that can bring concerns with rubbish.
Disposed food waste can cause a stink – literally – if you are caught by the authorities dumping your waste outside the scheduled hours.
Rats, stray cats, other animals and insects, along with maggots, can lead to public health issues – not to mention the dank smell – when temperatures soar, as is the case right now!
So, check the rubbish timetables, between 9pm-11pm in certain areas, with the rubbish waste being collected overnight.
Bin legislation does vary from area to area. If rubbish bins do not have allocated timetables, seek advice from relevant town halls – it could save you a hefty fine of €50, or more, if caught by the Policia.


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