Alicante population aging, despite recovery in birth rate


NEW statistics have revealed that although the fall in birth rates in Alicante Province has slowed down, the population in the area is still aging progressively.
Provisional data on last year from the National Statistics Institute (INE) has revealed that 15,759 babies were born in the province in 2014, just a handful fewer than in 2013, and in Elche, Elda, Orihuela and Torrevieja births were actually up.
Yet the change has failed to influence the progressively increasing average age of the population, which has almost reached 43.
Over 65s are now reported to make up 19 per cent of the province’s population, the highest percentage registered in the 40 years these statistics have been recorded.
Although the number of expatriates moving to the area to retire, which traditionally increased the population’s average age, has decreased, the fact that less young migrants are coming in search of work and the lower birth rates mean the people of Alicante continue to age.


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