Protestors clean up in Camp Redo


RESIDENTS of Palma’s Corea area (Camp Redo district) have shown their disapproval of the municipal waste collection company by cleaning the area themselves.
The organised popular cleaning teams armed with brooms and dustpans were out in force, claiming that the company, Emaya, has completely neglected their area.
The group of neighbours wished to send a message to the new local government of Palma, and show their concern at the four years of abandonment they say the district has experienced.
One of the residents of the area, Mr Matias, was put in charge of coordinating the ‘guerrilla’ cleaning works. Dozens of plastic bags were filled with plastic and paper but also other dangerous waste, such as syringes.
Neighbours hope Emaya will keep the area clean in the future, and adapt the empty land plots to create children’s parks or other social projects for the area.


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