Alleged burglars ‘seeking to settle debt’ caught by Guardia Civil

Manuel M Ramos on Flickr

TWO men from Motril have been arrested by Guardia Civil after allegedly stealing a number of items from a home in Guajar Faragüit (Granada).
Police reported that the two suspects were believed to have climbed to the second floor of the home and broken into it through the window, stealing a painting priced at more than €500, several electric appliances, a video game console, a DVD and sound equipment.
Salobreña Guardia Civil began their investigation after being told by witnesses that the two suspects had fled the scene in a white car with a bump on its back.
Authorities affirmed that the alleged thieves sold the property to the current owner a year ago, but the victim allegedly owed a sum of money to the two suspects. They reportedly decided to settle the debt by stealing items from the home.
Guardia Civil returned the painting and video game console to the victim.


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