Spain on high alert after terrorist attacks


SPANISH government officials called an urgent meeting today after Islamic radicals opened fire on a beach near a Spanish hotel in Tunisia, claiming the lives of 27 holidaymakers and injuring others. The attacks came right on the heels of a Jihadist attack in France early today and a bomb in a Kuwaiti Shia mosque killing at least 25 people.
Mariano Rajoy, speaking at press conference in Brussels, extended his condolences to France, Tunisia and all the victims of the attacks.
The Spanish hotel, Imperial Marhaba, is a five-star hotel owned by the RIU group and located near the town of Sousse.
Government officials have raised the terror alert to level four (out of a total of five.) The increase indicates a high risk of terrorist attack and calls for extra reinforcements at key targets.


  1. Generic (rated) warnings for hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis,terrorist threats, etc are usually DISregarded by the Public. Knowing that, what will Rajoy & his government officials SPECIFICALLY DO to protect Spanish Public – a #1 priority for any government.


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