Mums protest at Picasso Museum against breast-feeding ban


A DOZEN mothers protested outside Malaga’s Picasso Museum on Thursday (June 25) against a rule that means they cannot breast-feed their babies in the museum.
The mothers gathered to feed their babies outside the museum doors to express their disgust that a number of women have been asked by members of staff to leave or go to the bathroom to breast-feed.
Instigator Yaye Dominguez said: “It has happened many times, but mothers are too embarrassed to kick up a fuss. We wouldn’t want to eat in a bathroom, and neither do our babies.”
The mothers, who met on Facebook, said that there are many other establishments that treat them in the same way and they intend to repeat their protest in as many places as possible.


  1. One up for the museum directors. Ladies, if you wish to breastfeed your babies then do it a private place, not in public. You should show more respect for the rest of the public who do not wish to see you sat with your breast hanging out. It was always that way in the past why should it not be so today.


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