Hoguera height causes a fight

youtube.com | screenshot

FOLLOWING arguments over the Calvario Hoguera during this year’s San Juan festivities, Torrevieja Council has decided to draw up regulations for festivities using fire or fireworks.
Tempers flared as authorities refused to allow the Hoguera, sporting two towers, to be lit after firefighters and municipal technicians declared it was too tall to allow them to guarantee safety, especially as there were electricity cables nearby.
Eventually, after being told they would do so under their own responsibility as the town hall had not provided authorisation, the locals insisted on burning the massive creation as tradition demands and no incidents were registered.
Municipal sources later said that the firemen had advised the towers be dismantled but locals refused to do so, and the council said that although it knew refusing permission would upset people, safety had to come first.
To avoid future disappointment or arguments, the council plans to draw up regulations which will detail what is permitted for festivities involving fire or fireworks, and also ensure that emergency plans are created for hogueras.


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