Decapitated head left at site of terror attack in France

REUTERS / Cordon Press

A DECAPITATED head was found attached to the gate of a factory near Lyon, south east France, after an attack which is being treated as a terrorist incident.
At around 10am this morning (June 26), two men crashed their car into a factory belonging to a company called Air Products, according to reports from news agency AP who cite police sources, setting off explosions when they hit gas canisters.
One of the men was apparently carrying a flag with Arabic writing, which was then pinned to gates, covering a decapitated head.
As well as at least one death, several people have been injured in the incident.
One of the attackers has been arrested, but the whereabouts of the other is unclear.
French President Francios Hollande is due to make a statement soon in Brussels, where he has been attending the European Union leaders’ summit.


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