Alicante all for animal rights

Marianne Perdomo on Flickr

AN IMPORTANT step has been taken by the Alicante Council in the journey to increase protection for animals.
The Councillor for Animal Protection and Youth, Marisol Moreno, announced the town council would create an animal rights board, designed to be a participative experience where all associations for animal rights would be able to voice their opinions and discuss issues such as animal violence, stray cat communities, the access of animals to parks and public transport, the purchase of pets in shops, and fiestas involving animals.
Ms Moreno held a meeting with representatives of several associations and collectives in support of animal rights, amongst which were Asoka, Galgos 112, Animal Feels, Vegan Fest, Cinco Hocicos and the SPAPB (Animal and Plants Rights Association of Bacarot).
The board is expected to design a meeting calendar to discuss the key points voiced by the associations, including the progressive elimination of public funds for bullfighting, new beaches and spaces in which animals are allowed and the creation of an animal protection unit to investigate and prosecute violence against them.


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