Vega Baja Rotary Clubs raise cash for rare disease

By Eugenio Hansen

FIVE Rotary clubs in the Vega Baja region, specifically Torrevieja, Orihuela, Los Montesinos, Almoradi and Guardamar, have united to raise cash for research for a rare genetic disease.
There are only 400 known cases of ‘Cat’s Miaow’, or ‘Cri-du-Chat Syndrome’ in Spain. The disease, which gets its name from the sufferers’ distinctive cry, is a chromosomal condition caused by the absence of part of chromosome five.
Children suffering with Cri-du-Chat tend to have serious deficiencies with a low birth weight, weak muscle tone and a small head size.
The Rotary Clubs have raised €3,500 that will contribute to research of the disease in the Vega Baja region.



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