Hoax reveals a darker message

SYMBOL OF FAITH: All you need is a headscarf, not an intimidating burka.

INTERESTING reaction on my Facebook this week.
Some wag posted that the police would be overlooking Muslims speeding in their cars during Ramadan. This was, they added, due to the fact that during fasting, it’s possible to become somewhat disorientated and could subsequently lead to Muslim drivers being unaware they were actually breaking the law.
Well, I’m surprised the reaction didn’t crash the computer. The messages simply poured in. Messages of disgust, anger, and even vitriolic hatred avalanched the site. A site, I may add, which is normally full of understanding folk, with quite a broad spectrum of love toward their fellow human beings.
It was of course a hoax. It was the knee-jerk reaction that I found interesting. It basically showed just how the Muslim populations are alienating those around them. They continually refuse to integrate. Well of course they do. That’s not the idea at all.
It is my understanding that the Koran tells them it is their purpose in life to spread the word of Islam. Many Muslims may not approve of the methods of some of their peers, but, in my opinion, many have the same goal.
To me the burka is the true symbol of their non-caring attitude toward the West. It is provocative, alien, and an affront to our cultures. It has no religious significance whatsoever and should, to my mind, be completely banned from public display. If these people want to show a symbol of their faith, a headscarf is a completely adequate way of expressing their leanings.
I also have an answer to those who ask why Islamists don’t go to countries where their customs and ways of life are accepted as the norm. The reason is that those countries already follow the teachings of Islam. They don’t need to be there. They want to be in countries they can convert, thereby carrying out the instructions of their prophet and his Koran.
Believe me, unless governments begin to introduce rules and regulations that put Western values and democracy firmly back in the driving seat, all our women will one day be clad in what to me is the revolting black symbol of Islamic oppression.
Keep the Faith, Love Leapy
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  1. Growing up in the 40s/50s, my mum and grandma would never leave the house without donning a headscarf.
    There was no religious significance, it just saved them doing their hair before popping out to the butcher or baker etc. The country and my mum grew out of that phase. Somehow I don’t think the burka will be so easily shed.

  2. Hi Leapy. These muslim women don’t wear these medieval cloths because they are forced to. They wear them because they have an agenda and most western country’s are too cowardly to do anything about it. Below is what Gaddafi stated more than 9 years ago.
    On the 10 April 2006 Colonel Muammer Gaddafi made the following statement; Quote.
    We already have 50 million Muslims in Europe,.There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe – without swords, without guns, without conquests. The 50 million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.
    If Turkey is added to the European Union, Europe will have another 50 million Muslims.
    Albania, a Muslim-majority country, and Bosnia, which is half Muslim, also appear to be on their way to EU membership.
    Europe is in a predicament, and so is America, Gaddafi said. “They should agree to become Islamic in the course of time, or else declare war on the Muslims. Unquote.
    Maybe not in our lifetime but Europe will one day be renamed ‘EURABIA’.

  3. I am reminded of the time in 1962 when I came home to West Bromwich, on leave from the Royal Navy.
    I walked down the high street with my Dad and he asked what I noticed different, as I hadn’t been home for several years, I remarked on the unusual number of females in Eastern dress, He pointed out that ALL of them were nearly always pregnant.
    He said “This is what I call the SILENT INVASION. They are smuggling in their troops of the future in their wombs.”
    I have to add that my Dad was a musician of the big band era and he adored and respected Basie, Ellington and of course the inimitable Ella Fitzgerald. I never ever detected the slightest colour prejudice in him. I like to believe that I was heavily influenced by his attitude to colour. However an alien culture so very different from our own, still entrenched in the middle ages, is quite another question, no matter what their colour.
    We can’t force them to integrate. We can’t send them home. U.K. is where they were born and their parents before them. We have a very serious dilemma that cannot be resolved by the weak politicians that lead our policies. Nor do I see any in the wings, waiting for their turn on stage. It is however very clear that we are slowly but inevitable being hoodwinked into capitulation. Alas I have no answers to put your minds at rest.

  4. You are a breath of pure air every word you say is so true and you are the only journalist with the mettle to say what the every day man and woman is thinking but we have not got the forum to express it,we are at war with the muslims,its now up to the ordinary decent musl ims to condemn whats happening in there name and close all mosques that preach vile hatred of our western way of life. Gerard


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