Granada Province to fund new entrepreneurs


SELF-EMPLOYED residents of Granada Province are in luck as the Junta de Andalucia regional government is to hand them a financial boost. More than 2,000 projects created by newly self-employed residents who develop a viability plan will receive a total of €1.4 million, according to the announcement made by the Economy Delegate, Jose Antonio Aparicio.
This funding, said Mr Aparicio, was part of the emergency measures launched by the regional government in March as part of a programme to encourage and support self-employment.
“This programme has been long-awaited for one of the communities which has not only resisted the financial crisis, but also become an economic motor for the province, reaching almost 60,500 workers,” said the delegate.
He continued: “There are many residents who have chosen to be entrepreneurs and begin a business which usually represents a starting investment that requires great financial effort and that many of them cannot face without help.”
Each self-employee eligible for the grant will receive between €3,000 and €5,500.


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