Elda man was eaten by his own dogs

Flickr by Abraham Gómez Gutiérrez

THE body of an elderly man was found partly devoured by his own dogs at a private villa in Elda, not far from a local school.
The National Police of Elda-Petrer were called to the home where an 83-year-old man lived alone with only his dogs for company. He had not been seen for several days but local residents have confirmed that this was not unusual and he liked his privacy.
Early investigations have led police to conclude that the man died from natural causes. Locked in with no means of escape and starving, it seems the dogs were driven to eat parts of the man’s body in order to survive. The police immediately cordoned off the area while remains were transferred to the mortuary for post mortem examination.
This is the fourth such case to occur in the Valencia Region within the last seven months, including an incident where a 57-year-old man was partly devoured at his home in Aspe where his body lay undiscovered for 11 days.


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