Euro Weekly News: at the heart of the community and on your doorstep


THE Euro Weekly News is expanding its reach, with new offices and distribution points across the Costas and Balearics, and new readers are telling us that they’re delighted to see us.
Francine Peinado, a regular website reader, got in touch to say how happy she was to pick up our paper edition:
“I had the privilege and the opportunity to read the Euro Weekly News paper (last issue) in Altea (Alicante) and I literally found it so interesting that I’d love to know if you have some distribution points near to Valencia City. Your digital issue is a great one but I prefer the real touch of any issue.
“I am currently living in Mislata, near Valencia City, and I was wondering if you distribute the newspaper around.
“It will motivate me to continue the study of the English language.”
Euro Weekly News publisher Michel Euesden confirmed that it was getting harder and harder to miss out on our six weekly papers, at the heart of the community in Costa Blanca North and South, Almeria, Costa del Sol, Axarquia and Mallorca.
“We are expanding our distribution as part of our 2015 growth plan,” said Michel, “so along with the three new offices opened on the Costa Blanca, and Nerja opening in the next week, you will see more and more places stocking Spain’s favourite English Language newspaper.”


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