Estepona mayor sets example by refusing salary


THE mayor of Estepona, Jose Maria Garcia Urbano, will continue practising what he preaches in terms of cost-cutting by refusing his salary from the local council. The mayor hasn’t taken payment for the post since he took office in 2011, and his stance combined with cuts to the payments to other councillors will save the town more than €172,000 a year.
The salaries of the 17 councillors who make up the governing team has been reduced by 10 per cent compared to the previous term and will amount to a total of €636,815 euros gross annually.
The political opposition groups and councillors will receive the same amount as in the previous directive, receiving €200 for attending plenary sessions and €30 for preparatory sessions. The town hall will also equip these groups with an office with telephone, computer technology and internet access – so that they can develop their opposition work.
The councillor in charge of the Economy department, Manuel Aguilar, has explained that the council team “is continuing the political goal of austerity, control of spending and responsible use of public money which has characterised the line of policy taken during these four years.”


  1. Don Jose Maria Urbano has done such fine things for Estepona. How good it would be if, in Spain, there was some way he could be nationally honoured — even by the King, perhaps — so that the value of a wholesome local politician could be recognised throughout the land … and perhaps, maybe, even become infectious.


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