Spanish government announces Operation Summer

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SPAIN will be posting an extra 29,000 officers in busy tourist areas this summer to ensure citizen safety, the government has announced.
State Security secretary Francisco Martinez and State Tourism secretary Isabel Borrego Cortes have presented the 2015 Safe Tourism Plan, which aims to provide tourists with a safer environment during their time in Spain.
Within this plan, Operation Summer 2015 will be launched by the Spanish Home Office on July 1, with 11,961 National Police and 17,156 Guardia Civil officers being placed on duty in busy tourist areas to reinforce the local forces.
Martinez explained that the plan includes a series of preventive measures to increase citizen safety in tourist areas, on the streets, at stations, ports, airports, hotels and campsites along with shows and summer events that gather crowds.
Borrego meanwhile stressed that Spain’s safe image is one of the reasons behind the country’s success as a tourist destination, and must be continued to allow the great recent results to continue.


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